marți, 13 iulie 2010

You only experience the Now

"You are the light of the world. You are the consciousness that illuminates the world. Know yourself as that, and that's freedom, liberation, awakening, the end of suffering and madness. And it's happening right here." E.Tolle
"There's a veil, a density of mind between you and the universe, and that is dissolving now in you. And that is the liberation, the arising of the new consciousness. It's not necessarily a spectacular event with drums and trumpets. It's a very still thing . . ." E.Tolle

"An amazing realization is in the present moment there is only what is, but there are no problems.
 And if your attention remains in the Now, you no longer inhabit a world of problems.
Challenges you may still face, but they come to you in the space of Now." E.Tolle
"The universe has conspired to put you here. The totality of all the molecules and atoms that are floating around the universe, some of them temporarily gathering together and manifesting what looks like a person. They were forged in the furnace of stars and in this amazing way it's all coming together;
the totality of life has suddenly put you here.
 Everything is connected to everything else, it's all timeless. " E.Tolle
"Do you think that when Rembrandt was painting, he stood there with a brush in his hand thinking, "Okay, I wonder what my next brushstroke is going to be. If I put it there then it may clash with that. I'm not quite sure, but maybe two more centimeters to the right, let's measure it. It might look better over . . ."
Creativity arises out of the state of thoughtless presence
 in which you are much more awake than when you are engrossed in thinking." E.Tolle
"You don't experience time; you only experience the Now, ever. " E Tolle